Family scholarship



OVGU students with a family in their final semester.


450 euros per month

For recipients of BAföG, there is a scale of up to 300 euros in order not to exceed the tax-free amount.


Six months


Personal notification of the status of the family scholarship will be sent out on March 8, 2024.

Until January 15 (start of payment in summer semester)

By July 15 (start of payment in winter semester)


The Family Office awards a scholarship to OVGU students with family responsibilities. The OVGU considers family obligations to include raising and caring for one's own children in one's own household as well as being primarily responsible for the care of relatives. Applications can be submitted by women and men of all BA, MA, Diplom and Magister programs as well as state examinations of all faculties for the final semester. The scholarship is intended to relieve the above-mentioned target group of family responsibilities during the writing of the final thesis. Students with family responsibilities should be supported in writing their final thesis at OVGU as timely as possible and with less financial worries.


Welche Bewerbungsunterlagen müssen Sie einreichen? What application documents do you need to submit?
  • Cover letter
  • Completed application form (german)
  • Current grade certificate
  • Proof of parenthood (birth certificate of the child) or proof of responsibility for care (care level and proof that the care will be taken over primarily)
  • Please, find the english version of our application form here.
Please send your application documents by mail to:


What criteria are used to select the scholarship holders?

The primary criterion for receiving the scholarship is not outstanding academic performance but family obligations. These include:

  • Care and raising of a child (or more than one) in their own household.
  • Care and supervision of a first- or second-degree relative in need of care (if it can be proven that the applicant is primarily responsible for this care and that this is not provided by other family members).
  • Eligible for funding are women and men in the last semester of their course of study, in the FME in the last year of study.

In addition, the monthly net income of all persons living in the household is decisive for the approval of the application. The BaföG regulations serve as the basis for calculation.

The decision of the commission is made after viewing all applications. Applicants will be informed of the commission's decision by email, if possible within 4 weeks after the application deadline.


How is funding provided?

The scholarship amounts to 450 euros per month for a period of six months. For recipients of BAföG, there is a scale of up to 300 euros in order not to exceed the tax-free amount. The scholarship is supposed to contribute to financial relief in the household and in child care in order to gain time for the preparation of the thesis. Payments are made monthly.


Is it possible to extend the scholarship?

An extension of the scholarship is generally not possible.

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