Baby changing rooms & parent-child rooms

There are many reasons for using our parent-child workrooms.

Kindergarten or school are closed?
Your child is not fit for kindergarten/school again after an infection?
Meetings with your colleagues and supervision of the children at the same time?
Do you need a quiet room during your pregnancy?
You would like to breastfeed or change your child in privacy?

Our parent-child rooms are located in the following buildings:

Building 02, Room 115; Tel: 67-43014
Building 18, room 208; Tel: 67-54978
Building 28, room 204; Tel: 67-54865
Building 40, room 357; Tel: 67-54979
Building 50, room 205; Tel: 67-54577
FME campus: building 22, room 203
Storage B, Building 82, Room 124 


Basic equipment includes:

  • a desk with telephone (for internal university use); you can move your office telephone directly to the parent-child room and continue to be reachable by colleagues, etc.

  • a play and reading area with toys and books

  • as well as a changing table and a baby crib, bottle warmer and kettle.

In building 18 you will also find:

  • a desk for children
  • a place to rest or sleep
  • a conference table with 6 chairs and
  • a notebook on loan.

The access to the rooms is regulated by a door code. You will receive the code by email, on the phone or in person:


  • at the family office
  • in the office for equal opportunity issues or
  • from the colleagues indicated on the doors of the parent-child rooms.


The following general mapsshow the location of the diaper-changing rooms and parent-child rooms on Central Campus and on the Medical School campus.

Campus Wickelräume

Campus Wickelräume Leipziger Straße


Storage B, Building 82, Room 124

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