Verena Walterbach

Project Member FEM POWER

In which project are you active?
I work in the FEM POWER project. My focus is the area of scientific careers, or scientific qualification phases, which is also the focus in my PhD.

What are your tasks?
I am responsible for the alumni network of the COMETiN program, ergo I look after all former COMETiN participants. Together with my colleague Jeanette Krumbach, we want to further expand the alumni network and advance the visibility of COMETiN women as scientists in different qualification phases. As part of my job, we work together as a team on strategies to improve the visibility of female scientists. I also personally care about the visibility of women, but also in general hurdles, barriers & resources in scientific qualification phases and I am concerned to make them visible. I am also planning various events, e.g. an art exhibition and a symposium. In addition, Jeanette Krumbach and I have been significantly involved in the Office for Gender Equality's "A University for All" hidden object campaign, which highlights the diversity of the university and its members.

What is your professional motto?
Always ask questions - even if it feels uncomfortable for you.
  Verena Walterbach

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