Family codex


As a public university, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg (OvGU) considers itself responsible for making contributions to social development and thus counteracting the consequences of demographic developments such as the increasing shortage of skilled workers. The OVGU strives to further improve its family-friendly orientation in order to increase the attractiveness of the study, research and working conditions. The university management is committed to achieving a sustainable balance between university work or studies and family responsibilities in all academic, research support and student areas. The university anchors its family-friendly orientation in this family code. It is intended to ensure the sustainability, transparency, consistency, performance enhancement and future orientation of the university's family policy. The starting point is what has been achieved so far.


Family-friendly university, that means for the OvGU:

Anchoring the family-friendly focus in the basic structures of the OVGU, so that all employees and students can refer to it when needed. This includes: 

  • Anchoring in the mission statement 
  • Family office with full-time family representative and own budget 
  • Honorary family officers in the faculties and central institutions 
  • Catalog of measures for family friendliness approved by the rectorate 
  • Public reporting on the implementation of the measures every two years


Family-friendly university, that means for the OvGU:

Family-friendly study and personnel policies for all students and employees. In the university as a living space, social relationships in which people care for each other and assume social responsibility are supported and actively communicated. Family-friendly study and personnel policies must also be presented in a transparent and practical manner to potential students, employees and cooperation partners. Family-friendly study and personnel policies focus on the following topics: 

  • Childcare, education and care 
  • Family-friendly design of working and study conditions 
  • Appropriate consideration of family concerns in appointment procedures 
  • Sustainable promotion of a family-friendly atmosphere on campus


Family-friendly university, means for the OVGU:

Leadership competence includes an understanding of family-friendly study and working conditions. In order to counteract demographic change and achieve a paradigm shift with regard to future executives, the fundamental tasks of the management level include: 

  • Establishing demanding, family-friendly standards as well as the willingness to find individual solutions 
  • Raising awareness among all family members and especially managers 
  • Communication between students, employees and managers, especially regarding existing support services


Family-friendly university, means for the OVGU:

The operational framework and related leeway are used in such a way that they serve the individual in his or her balance between university and private life. Providing for family must not lead to restrictions in one's career. The focus is always confidently placed on the quality of the results, rather than on the working hours invested. The company offers consist of: 

  • informative and supportive measures 
  • information and support for dual career couples 
  • personal agreements 
  • target group-specific events and the necessary infrastructure


Family-friendly university, means for the OvGU:

The quality criterion of family-friendliness is to be taken into account in all decision-making processes as well as in organizational and individual actions. There is a continuous process of reflection within the university to further develop a common understanding of the topic. Questions concerning family friendliness are integrated into the qualitative reviews of the university.

The highest importance is attached to the binding character of the implementation process. Further networking with other players/institutions within and outside the university is a constant goal.


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