You will find the family office in building 18, room 246.

Phone: 0391-67 52963


Visiting address:

Building 18; Room: 246

Postal address:

Otto von Guericke University
Family service
Universitätsplatz 2
39106 Magdeburg


At all faculties and central institutions, decentralized family officers support students and employees with families.

Dagmar Pfeiffer - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Katharina Zähringer - Faculty of Process and Systems Engineering

Katharina Mecke - Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Dr. Eike Schallehn - Faculty of Computer Science

Prof. Claudia Kirch- Faculty of Mathematics

Olga August - Faculty of Natural Sciences

Kerstin Winkelmann - Faculty of Medicine (contact person for employees)

Dr. Stefan Brämer - Faculty of Human Sciences (contact person for employees and students)

Kathrin Meyer-Pinger - Faculty of Economic Sciences

Annika Kirbs - Department of Student Affairs

Ralf Regener - Central Facilities (Library)

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