Student magazine tja?!

As part of a project module, the student magazine tja?! was founded with a focus on cultural studies. The magazine does not report on current topics, but works on a fixed cultural topic from a student perspective.

Current issue on "Social inequality and injustice" (winter semester 2023/2024)

We are back with our 4th issue which is all about social inequality and injustice.

Social inequality and injustice are topics that profoundly influence our society. They raise fundamental moral and ethical questions that compel us to reflect on our individual positions within society. But what do 'inequality' and 'injustice' actually mean? Does inequality always lead to injustice, or does injustice influence the standing of individuals or groups in society?

These themes undoubtedly shape our perspective on society and how we engage with it and ourselves. This issue contains a multitude of perspectives in which our authors have explored what social injustices and inequalities mean and how they influence us. 


tja, enjoy flipping through the pages and reading, and until next time,

Ella and Johanna for the tja?! Editorial Team

Contact and participation

If you'd like to be part of the team, get in touch by email at

or check us out on Instagram @tja_diezeitschrift! We are looking for people who would like to assist in layout (photography, graphic design, illustration), writing (researching, interviewing, creating content), social media, and marketing.

More information is also available on the Cultural Engineering Chair's website.

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The founders describe their idea for the magazine like this:

Tja?! ...

Tja?! can mean many things. Forgotten bread while shopping? Well.

Global warming? Well. End of the world? Well. After all, there's nothing you can do about it. Or can you?

We, students, thought we'd take a critical look at "Tja" and question precisely this attitude by founding a magazine that takes a closer look at a controversial and socially relevant topic every six months.


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