Dr. Sandra Tiefel

Central Equal Opportunity Officer of the OVGU

Management of three third-party funded projects to increase the participation of women in the science system and on anti-discrimination


What project are you involved in?
As the Equal Opportunity Officer, I represent the interests of all members of the OVGU by establishing and maintaining equal opportunities through work in committees, networks and working groups. In addition, I manage the projects FEM POWER focusing on STEM recruitment, gender consulting and anti-discrimination, the mentoring program COMETiN (PPIII Cometin) and the expansion of the funding and support structure for equality at OVGU (PPIII Fördertöpfe).

What are your responsibilities?
I have the challenging task, together with all other (decentralized) equal opportunity officers at OVGU, to control processes and structures at the university and to contribute to the prevention of gender inequality. In addition to reducing structural and social discrimination, my work focuses on developing an inclusive study and work environment that proactively supports all individuals in their talents and achievements.

What is your professional motto?
Educate Yourself - Educate Others - Forges Bonds!
  Sandra Tiefel

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