Review of the Year 2022

We would like to thank all cooperation partners and activists for such a wonderful, action-packed and successful year!




31.01.2022: End of the Lecture Series WS 21/22

Title: Uncovering flaws in the (university) system. Uncovering insights and perspectives of gender and diversity research and enriching curricula at OVGU.

Professor: Marianne Schminder Visiting Professor Dr. Tina Jung

AG Antidiskriminierung(2)   

20.01.2022: Anti-Discrimination Working Group: Kick-Off Meeting

The working group is made up of student initiatives and other actors at OVGU who are interested in fair treatment and the creation of equal opportunities. The goal of the working group is to create a platform for regular exchange between students and employees as a gender campus.


Guericke Weiterbildung  

03.02.2022: Further Training Workshop for Equal Opportunity Officers

At the beginning of February, an online training workshop for the Equal Opportunity Officers was held with Annette Hoeschen (Department of Human Resources). The topic was gender-sensitive staffing, in particular job advertisements, interview preparation, problems in staffing and support for women.

 Abwehrende Hand  

14-16.02.2022: Online Conference

Title: Gender and Violence in History and the Present

Organization and realization: Prof. Dr. Eva Labouvie and the research assistants of her Chair of Modern History / Gender Studies.


 Instagram Profilbild  

04.03.2022: Start Instagram

On March 4, the BfG's Instagram account was launched with a post on the occasion of International Women's Day. In addition, the "AK ÖA" (working group public relations) was formed within the office.


08.03. 2022: Guest Lecture with Money Coach Gisela Enders

On the occasion of International Women's Day, an online lecture was held on the topic of the Gender Pay Gap and Gender Pension Gap among female scientists. The presentation focused on the pension gap and discussed how the gender pension gap can be actively counteracted.


23.03.2022: Historical Reading

Title: Strong women in the 30-year war and Pietism in the area of Saxony-Anhalt.

Speakers: Dr. Mareike Fingerhut-Säck and Stefanie Fabian (Chair of Modern History / Gender Studies)

Cooperation partners: Equal Opportunities Office of the City of Magdeburg

Occasion: Magdeburg Women's Action Days

 Preisverleihung D.C.  

29-30.03.2022: Diversity Challenge Award Ceremony

Based on the idea of the Diversity Charter, a student Diversity Challenge was launched. Students were able to submit concepts in teams to make diversity visible, break down barriers, and collect ideas together for a more colorful OVGU. Accompanying the challenge, a tutorial was offered for students to consult and network with each other. The award ceremony for the first three places and the recognition of all participants took place at the end of March.


 COMETiN Start  

01.04.2022 Kick-Off COMETiN

The closing and kick-off event of the COMETiN program took place in early April. In anticipation of Round 8 of the program, a large number of qualified female scientists met there.

 Lektrekreis Tina Jung(1)  

11.04.2022: First Meeting Reading Circle

The First Meeting of the Reading Circle took place on April 11. The circle was founded by Marianne Schminder Visiting Professor Dr. Tina Jung to exchange interdisciplinary ideas about feminist literature.

Chance Workshop  

26.-27.04.2022: International Chance Workshop (Aveiro, Portugal)

Dr. Melanie Kintz (research associate; Gender Consulting) traveled to Aveiro in Portugal at the end of April to network at an international workshop. There, in the light of the current state of research, structural changes towards more equal opportunities were discussed in the context of gender equality work in science.

 Girls Day(3)  

28.04.2022: Future Day

What does the future hold for me? This question was answered at the OVGU's Future Day. Scientists talked about their daily work, career opportunities and gave practical insights into their work at the OVGU. The BfG was also represented at the educational sciences with an input on equal opportunities work and answered a variety of questions about everyday life and career opportunities.



12.05.2022: First Workshop COMETiN

The COMETiN workshop started its first COMETiN workshop of the new round at the Frauenhofer Institute.


 Unser neuer Newsletter ist da!  

01.06.2022: Relaunch Newsletter "chancengleichheit" (equal opportunities)

At the beginning of June, the Office for Gender Equality's monthly newsletter "chancengleichheit" (equal opportunities) appeared with a new look.

 COMETiN Sommerparty  

8.06.2022: COMETiN Summer and Closing Party

On the occasion of the end of the COMETiN program, the BfG invited to a summer or closing party, where all former and current participants came together at the Familienhaus Magdeburg.


06/22/2022: Report on Equality Work in the Senate.

At the beginning of June, the Equal Opportunities Officer, Dr. Sandra Tiefel, reported on the activities and prospects of the decentralized Equal Opportunities Officers and the Office for Equal Opportunities Officers. In addition, the objectives and achievements within the framework of the Central Equality Concept (2018-2025) were reflected upon.


29.06.2022: Equal Opportunities Commission Final Meeting

For the last time, the Equal Opportunity Officers of the last term of office gathered to solemnly recognize, honor, and in some cases bid farewell to the volunteers. Many of the Equal Opportunity Officers have already held or held office for several years, and many of them would like to continue their commitment to equal opportunity policy at OVGU in the future. Our rector, Prof. Jens Strackeljan, also expressed his thanks and appreciation for the equal opportunities work and to the university's equal opportunities representative, Dr. Sandra Tiefel, who has been in office for six years. She handed over her office to Dr. Mareike Fingerhut-Säck in September 2022.


 GDI Lab  

01.07.2022: Project Start GDI Lab

New BMBF project - start-up funding for needs assessment, funding advice and, in perspective, the development of "Gender & Diversity Innovation Spaces as Virtual Maker Labs" . The Office for Gender Equality has successfully obtained BMBF funding to better integrate gender and diversity perspectives into research proposals and projects in the future. In the two-stage funding, the first step is to determine the needs for applying for and managing third-party funding, so that in a second application phase, a virtual Maker Lab can be institutionally anchored at the OVGU as a participatory exchange and support structure.

 Career Crafting Workshop  

05-06.07.2022: COMETiN Workshop „Career Crafting“

The second workshop of the COMETiN program took place at the beginning of July. In the "Career Crafting Workshop" with Dr. Silke Oehrlein-Karpi, our participants were able to analyze their personal skills, competencies, values and goals.

 Teamfoto Quedlinburg  

11.07.2022: Team Excursion to Quedlinburg

During a team excursion to Quedlinburg, the BfG learned interesting facts about important Quedlinburg women on a historical guided tour of the town. The day ended with a meal together.

 Sandra Tiefel  

31.08.2022: Termination of Office of Equal Opportunities Officer

After 6 years, Dr. Sandra Tiefel handed over the office of the Central Equal Opportunities Officer to her successor, Dr. Mareike Fingerhut-Säck, after she did not stand for re-election.



01.09.2022: Start of Office of Equal Opportunities Officer

On September 1, the approximately 40 Decentralized Equal Opportunity Officers of the faculties took office after successful elections, as did the new Central Equal Opportunity Officer Dr. Mareike Fingerhut-Säck and her deputy Franziska Genge, who continued in office.


07.09.2022: Start Anti-Sexism-Workshop

After the trainers for the Sexism-Lots*innen Peer-to-Peer Workshop were already trained in February 2022, it now started publicly for the entire student body of the OVGU.

Organization and implementation: Center for Linguistic Social Research and the Student Council of German Studies.


22.09.2022: Entry into Force of the Directive

At the end of September, the "Guideline against Discrimination and (Sexualized) Violence at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg" was officially published and came into force.



06.10.2022: Market of Opportunities

During freshers' week, the BfG was also represented at the Market of Opportunities. There was the opportunity to get information about the counseling services and events and to win great prizes of the merchandise "One University for All".

 Ringvorlesung 2323  

10.10.2022: Start of Lecture Series WS 22/23

Title: Gender - Culture - Nature - Environment. Interconnections of gender, ecology, climate and sustainability.

Professor: Prof. Dr. Eva Labouvie (Modern History / Gender Studies)


10.10.2022: Website MINT-Recruiting

At the beginning of October, the new website section on "Active Recruitment" went online. The site is aimed at supervisors who would like to find out about gender-sensitive procedures for filling and advertising positions in order to attract suitable female scientists.


13.10.2022: Oleanna - Theater of Altmark

In mid-October, the play "Oleanna" was performed at OVGU. The play is set in the university milieu and covers topics such as abuse of power, sexual abuse, gender justice, identity politics and depicts differences between social classes.


 12. ZSM-Fachtagung(1)  

11-12.11.2022: ZSM Symposium

Title: Idealization of research and scientific career in discussion.

Direction: Stefanie Hoffmann, Sandra Tiefel and Verena Walterbach

 11. Landesweiter Tag der Genderforschung Sachsen-Anhalt  

Nov. 16-17, 2022: Statewide Gender Research Day.

The BfG visited the Saxony-Anhalt Statewide Day of Gender Research at Magdeburg's Port of Science. The State-wide Day of Gender Research primarily serves the interdisciplinary exchange, the visualization and networking of gender research and researchers as well as the transfer of gender knowledge.

Organization: Coordination Office Gender Research & Equal Opportunities Saxony-Anhalt


  • Tina Jung (Marianne-Schminder visiting professor at Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg)
  • Dayana Lau (Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin)
  • Sarah Czerney (FEM POWER Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology Magdeburg)
  • Kerstin Schmitt (FEM POWER University of Applied Sciences Merseburg)
  • Annika Sominka (FEM POWER University of Art Burg Giebichenstein Halle)

18.11.2022: Presentation of Results of Evaluation of Gender Equality Concepts

In mid-November, Steffi Gieseler-Halbach (Prorectorate Officer) invited all faculty representatives to an online presentation of the results of the evaluation of the Decentralized Equality Concepts. Equal opportunity issues were also invited by the BfG. A further meeting to revise the concepts is scheduled for mid-January 2023.

 BfG Weihnachtsfeier  

24.11.2022: BfG Christmas Celebration

The team met in a pre-Christmas mood. First they went to an Escape Room, then they visited the world of lights and the Christmas market, before the evening ended with a cozy meal.


25.11.2022: Vernissage Art Exhibition "HINSEHEN" (Looking)

On the occasion of the International Day against Violence against Women, a vernissage on the topic of womanhood and empowerment took place on November 25 in cooperation with the Volksbad Buckau. The exhibition can be visited until the Ende of the Year 2022.


 COMETiN Workshop  

01.12.-02.12.2022: COMETiN Workshop "Voice and Body Coaching"

At the beginning of January, the COMETiN roundtable met for another workshop. This time, the topic was "Voice and Body Coaching." The coaching sessions offer participants the opportunity to analyze and work on professional and career-related issues, challenges and opportunities in collaboration with experienced coaches. The participants can become aware of their own resources and strengths and plan and implement their further career steps with new perspectives, individual solutions and targeted strategies.



14.12.2022: Completion FEM POWER

On December 14, the whole team met for the last time for a breakfast. The reason is a reduction of the team due to the project end of FEM POWER by the following persons:

  • Julia Reuter (research assistant)
  • Dr. Melanie Kintz (Gender Consulting / Equality Monitoring)
  • Samira Terpoorten (STEM recruitment / student acquisition)
  • Dr. Sandra Tiefel (former Equal Opportunity Officer; Consultant for Diversity Strategies)
  • Susanne Klose (media / events / public relations)
  • Verena Walterbach (art exhibition / symposium about Ideal Pictures of carriers in the scientifice world)

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