What does COMETiN offer?


Moreover there are several framework programmes (opening event, inter-evaluations, closing event). The participation of the Mentees is obligatory and the Mentors are cordially invited.

Module 1: COACHING

Career paths and status passages often are connected to tension and conflicts for the junior academics. At the same time they commonly lack occasions to confidently and constructively work them off. COMETiN has established a reliable group- or single-coaching. Participants can use this offer to leave the professional transformation process with new perspectives and strengthened personalities.


Mentoring is the central element of the programme. The participants of the programme enter into a one-to-one tandem relation with an established professor or a person in a leading position who is in the field of academic, research or economics. Their goal is to individually support the participants in their career planning and their personal development.


Mentoring offers:

-Individual and strategic advice and company in the career shaping

-Cross- hierarchical and generational exchange of experience

-Informal knowledge of the rules in the academic field

-Attention, emotional strength and encouragement


Module 3: TRAINING

Target-group-specific offers for training (among other things for the topics career strategy development, strategic networking, and research promotion) strengthen the professional progress of competences, convey knowledge and expertise that prepares more targeted for a future leading position. In interactive groups, professional trainers teach the participants practice-orientated knowledge of methods and work on the extension of already existing key qualifications.



Careers are being built up in networks! COMETiN supports junior academics in their efficient implementation of networks in their professional practice. With the help of the programme they expand their own network and also link those to other networks. Intensive and long-term Mentoring relationships and relations between the Mentees can in this case become to profound contacts who are of use for everyone and often remain over the entire career. Information and networking events about career relevant topics offer for the participants the possibility to expand their network of contacts, get to know role-models and being consulted by experts.

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